Foods/Products and Their Benefits

Here are links to definitions and explanations of foods and products found on my blog: (I will be constantly adding to this list…) If there is something you’re looking for that’s not here, let me know in the “comments”.

FOODS: all you could want to know about….

Coconut Oil, from Organicfacts.  I also have a page that lists links explaining healthy fats/oils and why you DO want to use them!

Butter, from on the health benefits of butter!! especially grass-fed. If you read the comments under the post, you get even more information (and laughs!). Dr. Josh Axe also has a quick list of 8 Health Benefits of Butter! 

EGGS, from Dr. Mercola, and here is a short post from the Frugal Granola, on what you can do with EGG SHELLS (do not throw them away!) Go to this page to find an Organic Egg Report Card from the Cornucopia Institute.

Milk, a video from Dr. Axe: the difference between pasteurized and ultra pasteurized (really bad stuff, gross).  And here is a post from Maria’s Nutritional blog (I love her blog so much!) about milk, skim milk, and dried milk. Go to this page to find an Organic Milk Report Card from The Cornucopia Institute.

Sweeteners, a video from Dr. Axe: honey, maple syrup, coconut syrup, stevia

Chia seeds, a post from Crunchy Betty

Chicken, or Beef : guides to deciphering meat labels from Marks Daily Apple are a must read for anyone wanting to buy “clean” meats

Chocolate, a quick video from Dr. Mark Hyman


SUNSCREEN a post from Kitchen Stewardship (reviews of natural sunscreens) and another at Everyday Paleo (more food related) and an OE post about what organic eating is doing for my skin along with a link to an article from Dr. Axe about how most sunscreen is toxic!  And still another great post from the food babe, on sunscreen.

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