Services: How I Can Help You

I love helping people discover how simple a “real food” organic kitchen can be! There are NO dumb questions. And sometimes you have to ask a few times before it all sinks in! No shame, only encouragement here!! There is an overwhelming amount of information out there. It even overwhelms me, and I live for this stuff!:) And even if you’re not quite ready to go all organic, how about some help just moving toward real food? Small steps, right?! I am NOT a dietician or a doctor, so ask them for medical advice. I am an organic writer, consultant, personal shopper and encourager of organic real food eating!

If you are ready to take the first steps toward organic eating and living, I would love to help you! If you (or your loved ones) need help cleaning out the pantry/fridge, reading those confusing food labels, or shopping for “clean” and “real” food, I’m here to help you! My rates are as follows: $97 for the first hour of meeting, either at your home or at the grocery store, and $49/hour for every hour after that. I also have a $25/hr rate for help via email or skype or facetime, if that’s your preference.  I can work within your budget. I do not accept credit cards at this time, but can accept gift cards for the amount due.

Kitchen Overhaul/Pantry Cleaning: This is usually the first step when you want an Organic Eater overhaul. The old “crap” has to be cleaned out (at least some of it), to make way for more nutritious real food you want to incorporate into your life. I have 48 years of kitchen experience that can help you clean out everything from toxic pans to toxic food in that pantry!  Think of me as the organic organizer for the heart of your home, the kitchen! $97 for first hour and $49/hr after that.

Personal Shopping: I’ll walk down every aisle with you or for you. Consider me your Organic Personal Shopper, who knows how to read those deceptive marketing labels.  $97 for first hour and  $49/hr after that.  For those who prefer the shopping be done for you I have a flat rate of $97 to bring you the list of items you need, as long as they can all be purchased at one or two stores, and you are within 30 minutes drive time. Invoice to be paid in full at time of delivery. Includes putting items away, in your pantry/fridge if you prefer.

Wedding and Baby Gifts: what a wonderful way to start a marriage or new baby off right, with healthy eating! I can meet the bride or mom-to-be at their home or place of registry to help them set up a real food kitchen that will make a huge difference in their life and the life of their loved ones!

Best Value: schedule a 2 hour session for one day, and pay only $125. Schedule a 3 hour session for one day and pay only $165. I have found that any more than 3 hours in one day can be information overload for most clients because there is so much to learn.  If you would like to set up a plan to come to you (or shop for you) once a week for several weeks, we can adjust pricing accordingly. I am happy to create an estimate for you based on what your needs are and how long you anticipate needing a coach.

I can help you organize a deliciously organic kitchen and/or I can walk down every aisle to help you shop for organic and real-food replacements. You can keep your current menus, and we will simply replace current ingredients with “other” ingredients, and your menu doesn’t have to change. That may be the first and easiest step for most.  We can meet at your current grocery store and do our best to find substitutions for your current grocery items. We do not have to meet at Whole Foods or Trader Joes, unless that’s where YOU want to shop. I want to help you create a SUSTAINABLE shopping list that will actually work for you, your schedule, and your family.  The best plan is to clean out and then shop for the new items, so plan your time accordingly. It can take an hour or two to clean out, depending on how many questions you have along the way and how much you throw out! We can discuss menu planning and replacements for your discarded items (appropriate and unopened discarded items will be donated to the Matthews Help Center unless you prefer another charity). You tell me how you work in your kitchen, and I can create a list that will work for you. I can also help you learn to cook some of the new foods you may not be familiar with, especially the new veggies, if you’re joining a CSA. I want to emphasize, you do NOT need to change everything at once. I can help you create a shopping list as you finish off your current items, and you can shop for new items at your convenience (and budget!).  For those who prefer, I can do the shopping for you and deliver it to your home, or the home of someone in need.

At this time, I do not offer meal preparation services, but am able to refer you to some of the best in the Charlotte area! I can also connect you to the greatest organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture, Farm to Table) in the area, and/or help you find the closest Farmers Markets. I can also recommend several restaurants in the Charlotte area, that support local growers. I can do as little or as much as you need during your organic kitchen transformation!

Contact me to get started. I am happy to provide extensive references.

If you are not in the Charlotte area, you can contact me to discuss travel rates or we can Face time or Skype.

If you are on this page looking for the real food based meal-replacement shake that was mentioned on Facebook, then click here to find out more and order!

If you need research, writing, editing, or photography for your organic and real food articles and social media posts, please contact me.

I look forward to encouraging you toward real food and organic living!

Dana Ramsey, Organic Eater

2 thoughts on “Services: How I Can Help You

  1. I am SOO glad I found your blog! AH! I’m just starting to go organic. I’m 21 and I literally eat whatever and recently I have noticed that I can no longer consume any milk products and this led to me noticing I needed to make some changes. I also have some serious health issues (I’m going through treatment right now) and I am all about taking care of my body in the best way possible. I love your advice and your encouraging faith. So happy to have a new read and encouraging advice on my new organic life!


    • Thanks for your kind comments, Breigh! You have a great head start since you’re getting on track at 21 years old! Keep reading and researching and asking God for wisdom to hear the right voices of wisdom as you take this food journey! I am so happy for you to start so young, and wish you all the best! I am on Instagram most days, so if you need daily encouragement, you can find me there. Thanks again!

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