Here are some links to websites with organic recipes, or recipes that support the grain and sugar free life (some more than others, use your discretion). These are my go-tos whenever I am looking for a recipe

Healthy Living How To

Organic soul

Good food lin

Elana’s Pantry

Simply sugar and gluten free

The Wellness Mama

Disclaimer: I am not a dietician. I will not typically add the nutritional information or calorie count to a recipe. Sorry, you will have to do that research on your own:) It would vary for different brands/kinds of ingredients anyway (depending on what kind of sugar you used, what milk you use, etc.). Also, regarding SUBSTITUTIONS, I am going to take the “Elana’s Pantry” approach, and let you figure it out!:) If I know a good substitution, I will include it in the recipe. If YOU try a substitution and it works, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT, and give others your suggestions! Awesome!

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