Blender Pancakes I use this almond pancake recipe all the time!

Overnight Oats in a jar.  not Advanced Plan, but gluten free. My kids LOVE these!

Cantaloupe Icee if you’re looking for a very light breakfast drink (vegan and paleo approved)

Egg Muffins or Egg Cupcakes or Quiche Cakes are mini crustless quiche made in muffin tins. Awesomely easy for grab and go breakfasts! You can substitute whatever veggies you want for this recipe, and you can just chop the veggies if you don’t have a food processor.

Paleo Breakfast Bread is my all time favorite easy grainless bread. I use this recipe for breakfast, snacks, and dessert (add a lil homemade nutella on top and it’s dessert!). This is one of my absolute “lowcraplifestyle” basics!!!

just as an aside, if you’re looking for the “least bad”, gluten free boxed cereal that your kids will think is edible, I read that an organic or natural version of Rice Krispies is the most benign. Real Rice Krispies have BHT preservative on them, so go with a natural version like Trader Joes instead. Add some organic fruit and some full fat organic milk of choice. Just don’t serve it every day since it is a “processed food”:) Not Advanced Plan approved:)

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