When you start making recipes with “strange and unusual” ingredients, you may not always have what is called for. Or you may have a food allergy or intolerance that requires you to use a substitute. Whatever the reason, you will probably need to use the links below as a reference for substituting at some point in your healthy cooking life!

Using the links I have provided is your best source for an answer to a substitution question. If I know a good substitution for a recipe, I will include it in the recipe or in the comments, so if you do not see that from me in the recipe or comments, I have not tried a substitution and therefore do not know if it would “work” or not. If YOU try a substitution and it works, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT, and give others your suggestions!!! Thanks!

Substituting Sweeteners link from Whole New Mom

substitutions list at Simply Sugar and Grain Free for more “specialty” type ingredients

flour substitutions list at All Recipes includes definitions of “alternative flours”, and tells you how to create your own gluten-free flour

extensive substitutions list at All Recipes, alphabetical order, includes all common ingredients

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