Soups & Stews & Stocks

Bone Broth recipe from Balanced Bites, also includes health benefits. This is the one I usually use for making stock or broth in a crock pot, because it is a quick and easy post, but THIS blog post at “Kristen’s Raw” has directions for using a Sous Vide and lots of other information, including the “classic” method of cooking it on the stove top. Much more cooking info at the second one, if you want to know more details.  I cannot emphasize enough how EASY it is to make broth, and how GREATLY it improves the taste of your soups and stews! It’s a must for real food foodies!

And here is another link, from Nourished Kitchen, on how healthy bone broth is for you!

Easiest Chicken Tortilla Soup Ever from Humbled Homemaker

crock pot sancocho from  I halved the meats because that much wouldn’t fit in my crock pot, and it was still great!

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