Meats & Main Dishes

Before looking at main dish recipes, you may want to see my post on Deciphering Poultry Labels, so you will know what to buy

crock pot sancocho from  I halved the meats because that much wouldn’t fit in my crock pot, and it was still great!

Spaghetti: EASY one, no link required! Grass-fed beef with gluten-free rice noodles (found in most grocery stores now) or grain free version is black bean noodles (found at EarthFare and probably at Whole Foods), and store-bought organic marinara sauce (in a jar, not canned) if you don’t make your own. Just be sure to read the labels on all of these to make sure you are buying real food ingredients for each one. Even better than black bean noodles, would be using organic zucchini or a spaghetti squash as your “noodle”! They’re better than you might think:)

Organic Mexican Lasagna, from (for real)  a “regular” recipe, adapted to Organic Eater style, and nicknamed OMG, Organic Mexican Goodness. Uses corn tortillas, so it’s not grain free, but you could buy coconut oil tortillas or make them, and use that instead to make this completely grain free.

One of my favorite grain free meals is this: grill or bake a grassfed burger, make cauliflower mashed potatoes and fry some mushrooms in butter. Something about the combination of those 3 flavors is amazing.

Meat free, but still a main dish: black bean and sweet potato enchiladas, my daughter’s favorite recipe!

This is a spaghetti squash casserole that has no meat in the recipe, but you can easily add it. Or even without the meat, it is a main dish because of all the cheese!


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