Shakes and Smoothies

See my Smoothies post until I can get back to this……..

Cranberry Smoothie post with link to Natural Noshings

Strawberry Sorbet (or any other fruit) can be made into a smoothie by adding more milk or water

Cantaloupe Icee (or smoothie)

Easy Basic (and favorite) Beginner Green Smoothie: Chocolate, Banana, PB green smoothie: 1 cup milk of choice but you could use coconut water or plain water or even cooled green tea. A small handful of spinach (do not try other greens first, they can be hard to “hide”). A TBS of peanut butter or almond butter or any nut butter (add honey or stevia if your nut butter was unsweetened and your smoothie needs the additional sweetness). One half or whole banana depending on how sweet you want it. A frozen banana is great, but not necessary. A TBS of unsweetened cocoa or cacao (cacao is not as processed but more expensive and only found at health food stores). You can add a half or whole scoop of Shakeology protein if you want even more nutrients and flavor. Adding the Shakeology makes this more satisfying and a true “meal replacement”, rather than a snack, because of the amount of protein it adds.

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