Local and Organic in Charlotte

This is where I will post for the Locavores in the Charlotte, NC area.  Let me know if there is something you’re looking for, while I am working on this page…….

If you own/run a local business, you are welcome to contact me with your information and I will be happy to consider posting your link here. You do not have to be organic to be listed here. Organiceater@me.com or see my “Contact” page for other ways to connect.


Here is a link to the Charlotte Observer’s list of Charlotte Area Farmer’s Markets for 2012. You will need to confirm the information is still accurate, before heading to those markets, since that link is from 2012

Local Community Supported Agriculture, CSA: Bell’s Best Berries  They grow it, I get to eat it. All organic (not “labeled”), pesticide free and biodiverse farm in Union County. And they don’t require big up front money like many do. Here is their blog: Bell’s Best Berries

Here is a link to pastured animal products in NC, from Eat Wild, which includes my personal favorite local pastured meats from Baucom’s Best in Union County, NC

Nourish Charlotte is our own (and only) locally-sourced (one of their sources is Bell’s Best listed above) organic vegetarian/vegan delivery service for prepared meals. I just look at the menu and start drooling (and I’m an omnivore!:)

Luna’s Kitchen amazing little organic, vegan, local restaurant. Unusual and unique dishes that are absolutely delicious!

Here is the link to a Charlotte food blogger who lists some gluten free restaurants in Charlotte

Here is a link to the UrbanSpoon website, with a list of Farm-to-Table restaurants in Charlotte!:) 

Here is a link to Nourishing Charlotte, which is the Charlotte Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation. They have a list of local sources for food and I highly recommend their site and their mission of educating people on traditional foods.

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