This One Thing

If there were only ONE thing I would want readers of this blog to really change, it would be this: cut sugar down/out of your diet. Your application of this one principle can be the catalyst to health for you, and ignoring this could be the catalyst to chronic disease in your near future. This video and article from Mercola sum it up perfectly.

If you need any statistical reminders about our physical condition in the US, the CDC has the info/statistics on obesity: One-third of Americans are obese. It breaks my heart that the highest prevalence is in the South.  I want to be some small part of changing that. Even if just one person or family reads this and is encouraged to respond & make changes, then my purpose in blogging has been achieved. I am in awe at the possibility of ONE person changing for the better, increasing their physical capacity to fulfill their God-given purpose, which also increases their mental, emotional,  and spiritual capacity. ONE person has impacted the lives of millions more, in many ways throughout history. If ONE person can make a difference, choices that affect that ONE make a difference.  I want to be the vessel God uses to help some ONE make a better choice for health.

1 thought on “This One Thing

  1. All I can say is “preach it sista”! This has been the most amazing thing that we have changed in our family and it’s also had the greatest impact. I can’t begin to say how much different we are just with this one change. Is it tough? yes, but so is birthing a baby, but isn’t the results worth it?!

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