I’ve been mentioned on the TameryStafford vlog:)

My friend Tamery Stafford has a (gorgeous!) video blog that incorporates Biblical teachings for moms juggling all that life throws their way. She has also done extensive study in the Jewish traditions of the Old Testament, which always fascinates me.  She vlogs about the very practical day to day life skills needed to raise your family, and several of her recent posts have been about healthy eating! Yay! Those posts are called “Box to Basket”, an 8 week experiment in trying to prepare healthier food for her family. I’m so excited for her to be doing this! She was gracious enough to say some really nice things about me and Organic Eater in a recent video, so I’m sharing it with you! Enjoy! You can also visit her vlog at www.tamerystafford.com. Congrats Tamery! Keep up the good work!

If you’re making strides toward healthier eating for your familily, I’d love to hear about your story too! Please leave a comment!

Encouraging Health,


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