Salted Mixed Nut Clusters from Natural Noshings

NOTE FROM ORGANIC EATER: I reblogged this post from the Natural Noshings blog. Her recipes are often unique and easy, and I always enjoy her creativity, even if I don’t make a particular recipe. This is one of our new family favorite treats . Add chia seeds for more nutrition. Add chocolate chips for more yumminess.  FYI: we used half honey and half molasses, and it gives them a rich caramel flavor! My son doesn’t even like nuts, and he eats these things up!

Natural Noshing

Another no-bake treat coming your way! If you can’t tell, I’m ALL about nuts and seeds these days. I can’t get enough almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts and pepitas…high calorie or not, nuts have been my go-to snack, baking ingredient and add-in around my kitchen.

I found myself adding a handful of walnuts, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds to a huge bowl of cooked quinoa that was also sprinkled with nutritional yeast. Yep, that was my quick lunch one day. No judging, please…it’s better than eating 12 of these treats for lunch with a glass of almond milk, right?

I guess this recipe could be called “salted mixed nut candy” or even a brittle, but the word “cluster” makes me giggle so I went with that.

I even enjoyed these goodies roughly chopped over a salad of grilled chicken, mixed greens, raspberries and blue cheese for dinner one night…YUM…

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3 thoughts on “Salted Mixed Nut Clusters from Natural Noshings

  1. Thanks so much for reblogging these salted mixed nut clusters! I love how you added chia seeds (one of my favs) and chocolate chips (you can’t go wrong with the addition of chocolate!). You made my day 🙂

    • thanks so much Amie! My first thought was, “she must have looked at the wrong blog” to make that comment! Then I realized Natural Noshing’s reblogged post was on my home page today, and her photography IS beautiful! Thanks so much for your kind words and so great to have met you and hope to see you there next year!

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