Happy First Birthday Bloggy!

ImageFebruary 28th came and went. Oh, and so did March. Dang it! It’s April and I’m just now wishing an official “Happy First Birthday” to my little Organic Eater Blog! I spent some time reading posts and comments tonight, and I must say I like my blog (is that OK to admit?). I even found some information quite helpful because I had totally forgotten some things from a year ago. I think it’s probably a good sign if you learn something by reading your own blog:)  It has been an amazing year of learning and doing something new and completely out of my comfort zone (creating a blog from scratch was way outta my league, or so I thought. Thank you, WordPress). It’s been healthy and challenging to do something completely new at 45. My heart is full of gratitude to all of you followers, especially the commenters who let me know the information here is helpful to you. I appreciate your feedback SO much! THANK YOU for all of your encouragement, support, great questions, and re-posting and re-tweeting! This first year of blogging has been exciting! People’s lives are changing, and there are new things on the horizon for Organic Eater. I look forward to sharing those new things with you in the coming months.  Let’s continue to get the word out about real and organic food and continue to educate, inform, and mostly encourage healthy living! I appreciate you all so much! I look forward to many more birthdays with you in the years ahead!

Ps: this picture has NOTHING to do with an OE Birthday. It’s just a picture I found a year ago, and loved it, but was never able to use it in a post this year! haha! It is a pretty chicken, though, isn’t it?!

Encouraging Health,

Organic Eater


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