Pecan Sandies « The Mommypotamus

Hey y’all! I just found these super quick and easy grain free cookies. I’ll try them this weekend, but wanted to go ahead share with you. I’ve just printed 3 of her recipes (lara bars, and sesame & sunflower crackers) ….. I’ve GOT to get off of her site!:) Let me know if you try any of these before I get to!

Pecan Sandies {GAPS-Friendly} « The Mommypotamus.

(next day) ps: I  made her Cherry Pie Lara Bars at the same site, and they were just as good as the real thing. I just added a dash of salt and a bit of stevia because my cherries were not very sweet. I will post specifics next week.

Sadly, I did not have good luck with the Sandies. I forgot the salt, may not have added enough honey (they weren’t nearly sweet enough), and they almost burned at just 12 minutes. CHECK ON THEM AT 9 OR 10 MINS. Make sure you add 5 Tbsp honey, and don’t forget the salt. It does NOT work to sprinkle them with salt when you’ve already baked them!:(   If you make these and they turn out well, please leave a comment! Thank God, at least the Cherry Bars turned out great! I’m posting that next….

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