The death of ice cream. link to the Fervant Foodie.

I’m sending this link (below) to you readers for a couple of reasons. I love supporting other food bloggers (especially a fellow Charlottean), AND I agree with her on this whole yogurt craze. Do NOT fool yourself into thinking that eating a fro-yo is healthy. It is a TREAT. It should be rarely eaten (if ever, some cannot consume dairy at all) in an amount/frequency that meets your specific life health goals. Yes, there are some good bacteria in there, which may possibly make it a little healthier than ice cream, but that’s only if you’re eating it PLAIN. If you put all that crap on top of it, you’ve essentially destroyed the reason for eating a “healthier” yogurt. And all of it (yogurt and ice cream) is pasteurized, so it’s basically dead food anyway, because it’s been heated to such high temps (again, the yogurt does have some good stuff added back in, so there’s a slight advantage there). And let’s talk about the fat. I have no problem with fat. We need fat to live. Google Dr. Pompa, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Mercola, or Maximized Living (and many others) websites to get all the latest info on how fat is healthy and which ones to definitely avoid (trans fats and vegetable oils! I have GOT to do a post on that subject next!) Lastly, let’s talk about the sugar. Both of these choices have plenty of it, even “plain” yogurt or vanilla ice-cream. And that’s the biggest problem I have with this whole scenario. The negative effects of the sugar (in my opinion) outweigh the benefits you may have gotten from eating the good bacteria in the frozen yogurt. For “sorbet” that’s sometimes at Fro-yo places, it may be a good option for those who can’t tolerate dairy, but it probably still has a lot of sugar. Read ingredients! “Treat yoself” with either of them, but don’t have either of them too often.

Sorry if this ruined it for you fro-yo fans! You can just un-follow the blog now if you need to…… 🙂 but I hope you won’t! Maybe you could just check out my sorbet recipe instead!

Thanks for this post, Mary, the Fervant Foodie! I am totally with you on this!! The death of ice cream.

and here’s a Dr. Oz video about the  same thing!  one small vanilla (only filled to the brim of a small cup w NO toppings) has 20g of sugar, about as much as 4 chocolate chip cookies or a cupcake with icing. On my Instagram feed I have a picture of the nutrition label/brochure on a vanilla tcby with NO toppings. One-half cup is the serving size and it has 16g of sugar in one tiny half cup. 16g of sugar is 4 teaspoons. Measure it out and you’ll see it’s a LOT for such a tiny amount of yogurt. There is also a form of propylene glycol in the ingredients. Please read labels and be aware of what you’re putting in your body and giving to your kids! I am going to read the nutritional info at Yoforia (organic yogurt used there) and see if theirs is any healthier. I will keep you posted…  Let me know what you find out by reading the fro yo ingredients!!

Encouraging Health,


PS: my friend Kim just gave me a great idea on this: fill your cup with fresh fruit instead (not the sugar coated kind) and just put a lil frozen treat on top. Brilliant.

1 thought on “The death of ice cream. link to the Fervant Foodie.

  1. Best thing about icecream is that it’s just a frozen dairy! So when I want icecream really bad I can make my own with almond milk, a banana, some peanut butter or cocoa (or both) and some patience! Im sure you could freeze a regular healthy yogurt on your own to create your own froyo. It’s all about how much effort your willing to put in to live a healthy life style 🙂

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