My “yum” is not your “yum”!

I want to share an idea with the newbies-to-real-food. My “YUM” is not likely going to be your “YUM”, not yet anyway. When I tell you a recipe is “delicious”, you may not think so (yet). It takes a few weeks of earnest work to detox off sugar and processed foods. I’m a Southerner and I even gave up sweet tea!!! It wasn’t easy, but it’s so worth it now that I’m on the other side and in control of my eating-life, because all that sugar and junk doesn’t control me anymore!

My tastes in food have changed A LOT since eating this #lowcraplifestyle way. Once I got over the sugar detox hump, it’s been much easier to enjoy healthy, real, unprocessed foods. I think sugar and corn syrup and too many processed foods mess up your taste buds.  There probably IS a study of some kind, to back me up on that, I just need to take the time to research it. **UPDATE 10-3-12: HERE IS A LINK TO A BLOG POST AND A BOOK THAT WILL TELL YOU EXACTLY WHAT THOSE LABS ARE DOING TO MAKE US ADDICTED.** I thoroughly enjoy (even crave!) food that I probably would not have enjoyed before detoxing. The longer I stay away from processed junk, the less I want it. Truly. The thought of some of the foods I used to love, actually disgusts me now. For example, almond meal bread and gluten-free breads took some getting used to, now I love them and never want regular sandwich bread.  I’m not saying I never eat anything unhealthy. I treat myself almost every week, but it’s always REAL food that I treat/cheat with, and I never want the fake processed stuff anymore because my body detoxed off the craving for sugar and msg, etc. You can too. Yes you can.

All this to say, if you are making an effort to change your eating, and you try  healthy recipes and don’t like them, don’t give up. Keep trying until your taste buds have adjusted. And your taste buds adjust to the “new normal” the longer you stay away from the processed stuff and sugar. I’m not saying you’re gonna love beets. I’m just saying it may take some time to switch your taste buds on to the truly good stuff, so hang in there. Your tongue has been fooled by chemicals made in a lab for too long.  Yes, scientists actually work hard in a lab making sure your tongue is going to like what their factory is producing. Update 12-7-12: here is a link to the Bruce Bradley blog that has a video about   flavorings in food, and how “Big Food” companies try to create addictions to foods/flavors. If you eat, or if you feed anyone, (yes, this statement includes everyone in the world) YOU SHOULD WATCH THAT VIDEO AND EDUCATE YOURSELF ON STORE-BOUGHT FOOD.

Please don’t give up before you reach the other side! You were made for SO MUCH MORE than what a lab could create for you. You were made for what an amazing God could design, with all the colors and tastes and healthy nutritional goodness that are waiting on you to enjoy and be nourished by! Be patient and take baby steps, but keep going. You’ll get there.  If you fall back, don’t beat yourself up, just keep moving ahead into your New24,  and someday you too will be able to look back and encourage someone else by saying, “hang in there. It gets better” …and maybe we’ll be saying “yum” to the same things!:)

Encouraging Health,

Organic Eater

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10 thoughts on “My “yum” is not your “yum”!

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  2. Hiya Dana! It’s me Maya a.k.a. Divabreakfasts from IG. Thanks for visiting my site and saying all those nice things. I just looked around your site too and I must say, I like your style! Yes, I think we’re going to be real good friends if we ever get to meet someday, too :).

    Your healthy eating journey is so intriguing, like you, I only recently gave up eating a lot of butter and sugar (I love to bake!). It’s a constant challenge and some days are better than others. But guess what? I love this healthier version of me! Can’t wait to read through many more of your posts. And learning more from you!

    • One tiny correction, I have NOT given up butter!:) I changed to only organic and preferably grassfed, but I definitely still eat a lot of butter. I need to post the articles on healthy fats and why grassfed butter can be very healthy. See Dr. Josh Axe website if you have any questions on that before I can post. But I have definitely cut down the sugar and grains, to very very little. That’s what has worked best for me and my low tolerance to anything that spikes my blood sugars. Look forward to hearing from you often and seeing what you’re creating in that gorgeous kitchen of yours!!!

  3. Do you have any good recipes for homemade gluten free breads? We have recently gone GF at home (due to my husband and his clear intolerance) and I miss baking homemade breads. Thanks for any ideas and links you can share!

    • Hey Donna! Elanas Pantry website is a great place to start because she has so many almond flour recipes and you can find it at Trader Joes or make your own. I say that because so many gluten free recipes call for so many flours (garbanzo bean, spelt, rice) that can be difficult to find and expensive, especially if you are just “experimenting” with a recipe. I do not like buying a lot of expensive ingredients when i am trying something new, but if that doesnt bother you then go for it! The other point about Elanas Pantry is that everyhing is easy and small batch. Using almond meal makes a recipe Grain-free as well as gluten-free. If your goal is to only cut gluten, then you may want to start with a bag of Bobs Mill gluten free baking mix (or several other brands) and follow a bread recipe from the Bob’s website. I have a couple links under “Recipes, Bread” that will take you to Elana’s site. Hers are my fave because of the reasons above but also check out other blogs on my Blogroll: HomeCookedHealthy, WholeNewMom,& WellnessMama. Of course there are a zillion gluten free sites to choose from as well. Know this: it’s not going to taste like fluffy white bread, ever. The best thing you can do is totally support your husband’s restrictions by not bringing any more wheat products in the house & learn to eat the bread he HAS to eat:) Treat it as seriously as if he had diabetes or some other serious food restriction. It sounds like you’re doing just that! It takes some getting used to, but just like Kalli (above) and myself, we actually prefer it now (ok, well, most of the time:) Please let me know what you try & how it goes and if you have any other questions on making this adjustment for him! Oh, just remembered there is a recipe for Paleo Breakfast Bread (here and at Elanas site)that uses almond butter! No grains or flours needed at all. That one is the absolute easiest to make because most anyone can find or make almond butter! Hope this helped! Blessings to you & your ‘new normal’ bread making!

      • I found a few other sites for you (from my stack of recipes I’m currently wanting to try). – there is a recipe there for bread that uses PEANUT butter, called Mr. Peanut Bread, so actually that may be the easiest bread since everyone has peanut butter!:) (LOOOVE her site!!!)
        I saw on your blog that you’re from the UK, so let me know if you don’t have Trader Joes Grocery Stores there. I do not want to recommend that to UK followers if you don’t even have it. What about WholeFoods stores?? Thanks for letting me know about that!

  4. this is soooooo true! i prefer gf bread now too and people at work think I’m crazy when i eat my food as opposed to their food. they always say oh you are so good and i just say i would rather eat this-it is not about being good anymore! great post!!!!!

    • thanks Kalli! That’s exactly how I feel too! I would SO MUCH rather eat my healthy yummy food, it has nothing to do with “being good”. It’s a pleasure! They should not be giving us credit for just eating what we love!:) haha (although I know their intentions are good!) Did you go through a phase of having to detox off the junk, or have you always eaten healthy? And does Bill eat like you 100% or do you have to do anything different for him? If you have a post that answers those questions, just direct me and I’ll go read it on your blog!:) I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have a 40something friend (e-friend?) who blogs about healthy food and fitness! Readers, if you love running or cycling or life in CA, or if you want to see the most gorgeous salads you’ve ever laid your eyes on, check out FitandFortySomething!

  5. Hi — just stumbled across your blog! Love it and thanks so much for your pinterest links — loved your pins. I eat primal (do eat dairy), so loved your grain free pins — AWESOME. Have a great day!

    • Hi Kelly! Thanks so much! That pretty much describes how I eat too, but I cant give up black beans competely either. We love our Mexican!:) Hope those pins were helpful or encouraging! Blessings to you! When i can get to my computer, Ill check out what you pinned. Im on my phone:) thanks again for kind comment!

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