Smoothie pics & basics

Smoothie Ingredients

Some of the awesome stuff I put in my organic smoothies!

I also have a link for you at one of my favorite blogs, Crunchy Betty. She is so funny and entertaining (when not covering a serious topic), and she has a great post about green smoothies there. Her post includes how green smoothies benefit your skin! I would definitely agree with that! I’m sure I will link to her site often, since she has tons of great recipes for homemade beauty and cleaning products.

Green Smoothie

Even “green smoothies” aren’t always green, but this one sure is! What you throw in the blender can make a big difference in what color results. For example, blueberries always change the color.

greens (swiss chard)

This is the main ingredient of a green smoothie, greens! Either “real” or powder form. This is the main source of the healthy goodness in a green smoothie. This particular green is Swiss Chard and it has a very mild flavor (easily hidden). Spinach seems to be the #1 easiest one to hide. If you’re a newbie, start with spinach.

I will post smoothie “recipes” (it seems strange to even call them that because it’s just a bunch of stuff in a blender:) under my Recipes Page. For now, the basics for what you need are listed in the “comments” (see comment balloon at top of post, from ME to ANGELA). Let me know if you have questions on this before I can get those recipes posted where they belong.

Encouraging health,
Organic Eater

2 thoughts on “Smoothie pics & basics

  1. Angela, you’re my first official “comment”! Thanks!:) On the eggs, I often use raw eggs as a protein source in my smoothies because I know which farm my organic free range eggs come from & I can trust them. I also inspect them before using, to look for cracks (toss them if there is a crack), & I rinse them off too. Dr. Axe has a video on (sorry I don’t know how to “link” in this reply) that says it’s safe. One of Mercola’s latest videos on protein smoothies also says raw eggs can be safe, but not recommended to use with protein powder (can’t remember why). Natural Noshings blog has a recent chocolate almond smoothie that’s great! I will be posting that one & lots more in “Recipes” soon! Basic recipe: 1 cup milk, a protein source(eggs or powder), greens(spinach has least flavor), and fruit or other sweetener. Extras are bee pollen, coconut oil, almond butter, maca root powder, raw cacao, super greens powder…. Too many to name here! Gotta do a whole post on smoothies!!!

    Here is a thorough article on WHY pastured eggs are SO much better, and questions to ask your chicken farmer, so you know you’re getting the best eggs!

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