Cantaloupe Icee: Vegan, Paleo, sugarfree, milk free

cantaloupeAfter starting a vegan cleanse today, and looking for this recipe for an hour, I decided I better add it to the recipes here at OE, so I don’t have to search for it again! And you’ll thank me. This is so super easy and yummy, if you love cantaloupe that is. Not sure it would work for any other melons except maybe honey dew, since its texture is similar. So, if you try another fruit, let us know (in the comments).

I am not going to give you amounts because you’re going to make this one according to your tastes. I will give you ingredients:

cantaloupe, cut to fit into blender, maybe start with half a cantaloupe for your first try

ice, about half as much as the cantaloupe

lime, I only use about 1/4 of a lime for a half a cantaloupe, but hubby likes to have more. Lime cannot be substituted and I’ve never made this without it. It’s like the secret key ingredient in this somehow. Just trust me.

mix in the blender until smooth, I use the “smoothie” setting on my Blendtec.

Here are some optional things you can add. My cantaloupe was not sweet enough, so I added a few drops of stevia to help it. If yours is sweet, try it first without the sweetener before you add anything. I have not tried it with honey or any other sweetener, so I do not know if it will change the flavor. You could add a milk of choice to make this more like a smoothie instead of an icee, but the flavor of the milk, will cover the cantaloupe and lime taste.  You can add a drop of vanilla, but it will take away from the tartness of the lime, so choose wisely. Again, hubby prefers the tart. Experiment with it to see what you like. You will want to serve this immediately because it’s just not pretty when the cantaloupe starts separating from the liquid. And that’s all there is to it. So easy. Enjoy!

Encouraging Health,

Organic Eater

Strawberry Sorbet loaded with Vitamin C, and every other fruit possibility! (only need a blender)


I just whipped up a monstrous portion of Vitamin C filled organic strawberry “sorbet”, and I had to share it with you asap because it’s so stinkin easy you won’t believe it! Strawberries are a great source of Vitamin C, and this sorbet is filled with strawberries, so here ya go. Here’s the fastest, easiest sorbet you’ve ever made. Hope you have a good blender!

(I realize it looks like ketchup in the picture, but it’s not. promise.)

1 bag (12-16 oz) frozen organic strawberries. I’m gonna tell you that it DOES matter if you use organic here. Strawberries are one of the most pesticide covered fruits according to the Dirty Dozen list. But if you can’t find/afford them, it’s still healthier than eating processed sorbet that used non organic strawberries at the factory! So, go for it. (no guilt here, remember)

1 cup almond milk (may need a little more, test as you go). Almond milk is a fantastic source of calcium! You should be able to substitute other milks, but unsweetened vanilla almond milk gives it a great flavor with no added sugar, so it depends on “where you’re at” on the good/better/best scale. YOU decide. If you’re into it, go to to look for her – almond milk recipe.

Sweetener equal to  2 TBS pure maple syrup (grade B is the healthier one actually) or honey (we use local raw honey for health benefits). Liquid stevia or raw organic agave could be used as well. If anyone tries using an apple for the sweetener, let me know. Red or yellow, not green.

Blend until smooth. Eat immediately! Melts fast. It will have the consistency of a milkshake, but we still used spoons to eat it. We topped it with chocolate chips since it’s a weekend treat, but they weren’t necessary.  If you need to make this “to go”, like a smoothie, just add more milk, then pour it in a to-go cup with a straw.

Earlier this week I made pineapple sorbet and also banana sorbet, just like this, and they were both amazing. I was originally  inspired by a peach sorbet recipe that I saw on “The Chew” earlier this week, and now I’m trying all the fruits I can think of! This is an amazingly healthy, easy, fun, and delicious treat that we will be making all summer, usually without the chocolate chips:)

If you try this or another variation, let me know how it turns out! I can’t wait to hear about some of these creations. The possibilities are endless!

update 9/14/12: Dr. Axe had this Raspberry Sorbet recipe this week, and it uses water instead, but you’ll need to freeze it after blending:

  • 1 cup frozen raspberries
  • 1/3 cup raw honey or stevia
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 tbsp. lemon juice
    1. Directions blend together and freeze for a couple hours (you may need to stir every 30 min to keep from freezing into a solid block of ice)

      Encouraging Health,

      Organic Eater


Don’t you love it when things happen in three’s, and you think it may be “a sign” of some kind? Well, I guess if it’s a good thing, you love it. If it’s a bad thing, probably not. Anyway, three Hemp things happened to me this week, and I’m taking it as a sign I need to incorporate the hemp plant into my healthy lifestyle. See that link for benefits of hemp protein. (as an aside, buying anything hemp always makes me smile sheepishly because of what hemp can be used for. But keep in mind, it is only a PLANT, which can be used by man for many different purposes, good and bad, like anything else on this earth Gen 1:29-30). This post is ONLY about hemp as a plant and a protein source.

First, I went to the health food store and the only protein mix I could find (that was acceptable on every point; I had a long list that day) was the Nutiva Hemp Protein Mix. I bought it for the first time, after some unusual circumstances I won’t bore you with here.

The more Nutiva products I try, the more I love them.

Second, my Maximized Living webinar that same week included a Shopping List, that raved about the advantages of Hemp Protein. That was something I had never read from ML before. I started “thinking twice” about it…….

Thirdly, I found this Hemp video whose creativity is off the charts, and is so cute I want to squeeze it. I saw it originally at the brand new blog, which I hope to see more often, because she already has a Mexican recipe which makes me love her even more. 🙂

So, maybe this series of events could be called the Trifecta Effect. These three signs were leading me towards hemp protein. Maybe my body needs this protein source. The Lord works in mysterious ways, so it’s always a possibility I guess. Or maybe not.

I had it in my smoothie for the first time today. (no picture because it’s not pretty when the green hemp and brown cocoa make a “sludge” color) I put cocoa in it, so the chocolate covered the hemp taste, so I can’t say if it had much flavor. Not that I wanted it to. I want to taste all the other stuff, not the protein. It did make me feel very happy shortly afterwards though. Just kidding! I may be using it to make some hemp protein bars this weekend. Let me know if any of you try it, and what you think about it.

Encouraging Health,

Organic Eater

Cran-Nana Sweet-tart Smoothie « Natural Noshing

I would never have thought of cranberries in my smoothies! Love the way she always comes up with unusual recipes!

Cran-Nana Sweet-tart Smoothie « Natural Noshing.

for an OE approved smoothie, skip the soy milk and do almond or coconut milk, unsweetened! Organic dairy is OK too, if you can tolerate it. Use a half a banana or use stevia instead, to cut down on fructose, if you’re trying to lose weight

Smoothie pics & basics

Smoothie Ingredients

Some of the awesome stuff I put in my organic smoothies!

I also have a link for you at one of my favorite blogs, Crunchy Betty. She is so funny and entertaining (when not covering a serious topic), and she has a great post about green smoothies there. Her post includes how green smoothies benefit your skin! I would definitely agree with that! I’m sure I will link to her site often, since she has tons of great recipes for homemade beauty and cleaning products.

Green Smoothie

Even “green smoothies” aren’t always green, but this one sure is! What you throw in the blender can make a big difference in what color results. For example, blueberries always change the color.

greens (swiss chard)

This is the main ingredient of a green smoothie, greens! Either “real” or powder form. This is the main source of the healthy goodness in a green smoothie. This particular green is Swiss Chard and it has a very mild flavor (easily hidden). Spinach seems to be the #1 easiest one to hide. If you’re a newbie, start with spinach.

I will post smoothie “recipes” (it seems strange to even call them that because it’s just a bunch of stuff in a blender:) under my Recipes Page. For now, the basics for what you need are listed in the “comments” (see comment balloon at top of post, from ME to ANGELA). Let me know if you have questions on this before I can get those recipes posted where they belong.

Encouraging health,
Organic Eater