Blender Pancakes

Taste is Trump.: GAPS Blender Pancakes.

I made these this morning, like many weekend mornings in the last few months. They are awesome. They’re my favorite grain free pancake recipe because it all goes in the blender, then I pour the batter from the blender. Couldn’t be easier. Seems like I’m all about sharing the “easy” recipes with you guys:) I guess that’s because it’s GOT to be easy for me to like it! And because one of my goals here at OE is to encourage everyone that cooking healthy food is not difficult!

I use her exact recipe, so go to the link and print it. Notice her disclaimer that a regular blender MAY not work on almonds. I used my Blendtec. Here are my other tips:

1. you don’t HAVE to soak your almonds. I have used soaked raw almonds and I have used raw almonds out of the bag. Didn’t seem to make a difference. Her blog should have more info as to why you do want to soak them for better nutrition,  if you plan ahead well enough. That’s not usually me.

2. keep the heat on medium,  the butter can scorch easily. Use grass-fed butter if you can, or organic. At the least, use real butter rather than a processed oil fake butter tub of gross. (hey Dana, why don’t you tell us what you really think of imitation butter!!??!) IF you need convincing on using grass-fed butter see this page. If you are vegan, well, I just remembered this recipe has yogurt in it, so I suppose you won’t be making this one anyway…. Oh! Wait! There is almond milk yogurt now. And you can use the coconut oil to fry them instead of butter. Oh, you’re all set!   Update: I forgot about the eggs since the recipe wasn’t right in front of me:).  Vegetarians would eat these, but vegans won’t. Sorry, I tried.

3. the batter will thicken as it sits. The first batch may be a bit thin but they will still taste great, don’t worry. After the batter gets thicker you may need to do this: after you pour a “blob” of batter onto the pan, take a spoon and spread it out a little. If you leave them too thick, they won’t cook properly.

4. I like to add some almond extract if I have it.

5. To make these an extra special treat, you can add chocolate chips, but don’t blend them. Add at the end. Same for blueberries or other fruit that is in season. We used blueberries today and they were heavenly.

6. Use REAL maple syrup, (grade B is more nutritious) not the fake stuff. I’m sure Aunt Jemima was a wonderful person, but she makes some crappy syrup (Hey Dana, why don’t you tell us what you really think about fake syrup?!!?). It makes no sense to go to the trouble of making these awesome pancakes and then top them with high fructose corn syrup. You simply defile these healthy pancakes by doing so. Do not defile the pancakes.

7. I also added  a few pecan pieces on top of my blueberry pancakes today. Brilliant.

8. this recipe makes enough for my hungry family of 4, with plenty of left overs, which we love.

9. In her recipe she also tells us that if you leave out the sweetener and vanilla, these can be used like pieces of “bread” to make pizzas or sandwiches. I can’t wait to try that!

REMINDER: chocolate chips and maple syrup are not on the Maximized Living “Advanced Plan”. They are a rare treat after weight goals have been attained, or if you’re a healthy kid who gets pancakes on Sundays like mine do! We eat healthy breakfasts all the other days, but Sundays are always a treat breakfast because it’s our favorite day of the week!

Enjoy! We surely did! In fact, hubs had all the leftovers for dinner tonight!:)

Encouraging Health,

Organic Eater

10 thoughts on “Blender Pancakes

    • Fantastic, Angela! Thanks for that awesome idea! Great minds think alike. Friends, Angela has great low sugar and grain free recipes! Go check out her blog Home Cooked Healthy!

    • Hey Kalli! No, I don’t follow GAPS. Thank God I’ve never needed to for a health crisis, (although I would if I needed to, I’ve heard it’s pretty amazing to “reboot” your digestive system) but much of what I eat would definitely be GAPS approved. The author of the original recipe named it “GAPS”. After I published the link I changed the title to “Blender Pancakes”:) so no one would think you have to be on a special diet to enjoy these.:) I just remembered these have eggs them…. I need to change my comment about Vegans eating these:( What do you do for homemade pancakes anyway?? Please share a recipe if you have one, or tell me if it’s on your blog. I’m really curious….

  1. Hi. I only have a regular blender so was wondering if I could just sub out almond meal. How many cups of flour does 2 cups of almonds (from the recipe) make?

    Also, I have been following you for a while and then last weekend actually sat down and read your “about me”. I was so excited that not only do we attend the same church but I also see a maximized living Chiro as well! I started on this journey in Jan. and feel wonderful. Thank you for all your posts that have helped encourage me on the way!

    • Hey Tina! You probably could. Please try it and let me know!! You will have to Google the almond meal question, because I have forgotten. I looked it up one time, but don’t know where I put the info!:/ I want to say 2 cups of almonds equal 1 cup of almond meal, but I may be off. If I come across that info, I’ll come back and reply… Please, seriously, let me know if you try it because I would like to know too! My only recommendation on that is don’t blend too long since your almonds will already be ground up.
      I am so glad to connect with you, fellow Elevator! Can you remember how you started following me (was it blog or twitter?)? I’m always curious where followers come from:) Let me know if there was something that “stood out” or attracted you to the blog. I’d love to hear any feedback you have. Glad you were able to read about our connection on the About Page. I love connecting with Elevators, because you, more than anyone else can totally understand “The Code” at OrganicEater and you know where my heart and intentions are in that! This blog is part of what Pastor Furtick talks about turning your “misery into your ministry” because my heart breaks and I’m so sad for all the people who have no idea there is a connection between what they eat and how they feel. I am trying to turn that into a way to minister to and encourage people here! And although I don’t tweet and IG much about Dr. Tony, he is one of the main reasons all this good food is “working” for me… my spine is keeping everything flowing in the right direction!! I absolutely LOVE my Dr. Tony!! He keeps my whole family healthy!:) I’d love to hear any “life change” stories you may have from eating healthy or seeing your Maximized Living doctor. Lastly, let me know which campus you’re at. We are at Providence, so I want to find you if you are there:) Thanks again!!

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