What You Should Know About Poultry Production Claims | Marks Daily Apple

What You Should Know About Poultry Production Claims | Marks Daily Apple.

I have many people ask me about reading poultry labels, and a blog post about it has been on my to-do list for months. Thankfully, Marks Daily Apple recently posted this, and I can just pass the info along to you guys! Just click on the link above and be informed! Educate your children as soon as they’re old enough to shop.

Additional notes from Organic Eater: “no water added” is sometimes on labels and that was not covered in the link above. You DO want to buy “no water added” chicken so that you are paying for the weight of the MEAT and not the weight of the water inside the meat. Processing chicken can involve a water solution in the meat before freezing it, so when you pay by the pound, you are paying for the weight of the water that was added. I do not know if that water is necessarily toxic, but I surely wouldn’t want to pay for water in the meat. This is helpful when comparing prices, because you may not be paying much more per MEAT pound when you compare the two. Just something to be aware of.

If pastured meats are absolutely not in your budget, or your only option is grocery store meats (CAFO, factory meats), eat the leanest and lightest (no dark meats) cuts you can find, ie chicken breasts. The toxins in CAFO factory meats can end up in the fat of the animal, so eating leaner cuts may be a way of cutting down on toxins. And consider that pork and chicken are NEVER allowed (per USDA standards) hormones the way beef is allowed hormones, so that fact may be helpful in determining the best of the worst choices. IF your budget has room for all pastured meats, then by all means, eat that yummy fat and dark meat! Does that make you squeemish because you’ve heard for years that saturated fat is unhealthy? See this page with a link to how healthy saturated fats really are or see this post from the Wellness Mama, with expert Chris Masterjohn. Lastly, if eating out, your best option is probably going to be a vegetable plate since finding pastured meats in restaurants is rare. Although, then there’s that whole issue of rancid processed oils that the vegetables are cooked in, and that’s no good either, so maybe it’s a toss up….

Here is the page for Beef Labeling Resources

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The Seafood “Dirty Dozen” Guide

The fish stand in Lam's Seafood Market

On this blog, I try not to “recreate the wheel”. There are some fantastic resources out there, and I love finding them and putting them “in one place” here at Organic Eater, so you can reference them easily. So, when I came across this clean seafood resource (again) this week, I knew it could be very helpful to the omnivores and pescatarians out there who want to “eat clean” as much as possible. If you’re like me, summer means eating more fish! There is usually a summer beach trip or two since we live near the Carolina beaches, so of course that means eating fresh catch on those trips! This resource can help us make better decisions about clean eating when buying fish, due to the farming practices and mercury content, similar to the EWG’s Dirty Dozen list for pesticides on produce. There is also a wallet version you can print to keep with you if you like. Enjoy and eat clean!

www.foodandwaterwatch.org  will take you to the website, and you can search for the “Smart Seafood Guide 2012” if you want that printable. This website is full of extremely helpful info, so check it out!

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Encouraging Health through Instagram Pictures

Good morning! I have an idea I wanted to share with you all. I know many of you are not on Instagram and have no intention of starting it. I understand. Social Media does have its down side. BUT Instagram pictures are fun and I’m on there almost every day sharing tips and encouragement (it is so much easier than creating a blog post!!), so I thought I would bring Instagram to you once a week. Something like a “week in pictures” post. IF you like it, let me know so I will know if it’s of interest to my readers or not. Let’s try it and see. I will not label or describe each one, just enjoy the view. But, if you have questions about anything, feel free to leave questions in the comments. OK, we’re off…..


paleo bread


organic farm

eggs and Tebow


egg and veg bfast

me and mom

Hope something in here inspires you toward a healthier life, aka #lowcraplifestyle!:)

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Happy First Birthday Bloggy!

ImageFebruary 28th came and went. Oh, and so did March. Dang it! It’s April and I’m just now wishing an official “Happy First Birthday” to my little Organic Eater Blog! I spent some time reading posts and comments tonight, and I must say I like my blog (is that OK to admit?). I even found some information quite helpful because I had totally forgotten some things from a year ago. I think it’s probably a good sign if you learn something by reading your own blog:)  It has been an amazing year of learning and doing something new and completely out of my comfort zone (creating a blog from scratch was way outta my league, or so I thought. Thank you, WordPress). It’s been healthy and challenging to do something completely new at 45. My heart is full of gratitude to all of you followers, especially the commenters who let me know the information here is helpful to you. I appreciate your feedback SO much! THANK YOU for all of your encouragement, support, great questions, and re-posting and re-tweeting! This first year of blogging has been exciting! People’s lives are changing, and there are new things on the horizon for Organic Eater. I look forward to sharing those new things with you in the coming months.  Let’s continue to get the word out about real and organic food and continue to educate, inform, and mostly encourage healthy living! I appreciate you all so much! I look forward to many more birthdays with you in the years ahead!

Ps: this picture has NOTHING to do with an OE Birthday. It’s just a picture I found a year ago, and loved it, but was never able to use it in a post this year! haha! It is a pretty chicken, though, isn’t it?!

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One of My Favorite HIIT workouts: Tabata from Lindsay’s List, and advice for how to start!

Today I’m linking you to one of my favorite blogs, Lindsay’s List, which also happens to include one of my favorite workouts, the Tabata. It’s a fancy word for moving hard and fast (HIIT means High Intensity Interval Training) for 4 minutes. Yep, 4, with rests in between the moves. Easy peasy. Start with one tabata. Get the hang of it, and go to 2 as soon as you can. It’s an awesome way to get started with HIIT exercising, and get that heart rate up, which is key in fat burning. HIIT was one of the keys to turning my body into a fat burner instead of a sugar burner. Now I do it because it works so well for a busy mom’s schedule and has kept me maintaining my weightloss for 2 years now! Woohoo! There are lots of ways to incorporate HIIT exercise into workouts, but Tabatas are an easy way to get started, with just 4 minutes. You can take anything for 4 minutes! Lindsay has several different lists of exercises you can do in your Tababta. I started with ones that didn’t require any equipment, because I didn’t have much at the time. Nowadays, I love my kettlebell and don’t know what I did without it! Oh, yeah, I got flabby and weak, that’s what I did without it! Boo. Now I know better. And you can too. This is such an easy way to get started! She also has videos on her blog, so you can see what the moves are supposed to look like if you need help.

No matter what you do to incorporate exercise, here’s my advice: move long & hard enough to make you sweat so badly, that you wouldn’t want to be seen in public. Your face should be ugly by the time you’re finished**. If you’re just “glowing”, you probably didn’t work it hard enough:) And lastly, if exercise is not even a part of your normal routine (I was there!), start with a movement you ENJOY, even if it’s just a walk through the neighborhood. Start with something easy enough to motivate yourself to do it. Figure out your schedule, commitment level, and then get into the HABIT of moving (some activity you enjoy). After it becomes a habit, a normal part of your weekly routine (at least 3 times/week), THEN you can move on to exercising for health benefits (harder, faster, stronger, more often). But just to get started, create the habit and routine first. If you’re already consistently incorporating exercise into your routine, that’s awesome! Tabatas can be as difficult as you want to make them, so go check this link out below!

Sweat is fat crying. Go make your fat cry!!

**See “uggie face” below, so you’ll know what I’m talkin’ ’bout!


And finally, here is the link.  Keep Calm and Tabata.

Tuesday Trainer – Tabata –.

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Organic Eater (and Mover)
Do you guys have any HIIT exercises you recommend? Share in the comments if you do!