SUNSCREEN Link to Dr. Axe and What Organic Eating is Doing for My Skin

With the hubs being in Uganda, Africa (on the equator) this week, I’m thinking about the sun a little more than usual (or, not thinking about it, as you will read of my “accident” below).

I read this quick & easy post (below) on sunscreen from Dr. Axe this week, and I wanted to pass it along to you since (in the US) it’s about to be summer. Near the bottom of his post is a link to another article of his, which lists foods that fight skin cancer, which would benefit your preventive measures or help someone who may already be in a fight against skin cancer. I am a fair skinned girl, and this is my first spring after organic/healthy/real food eating for a year. I can definitely see a difference in how easily my arms are starting to tan (not red). Yay!

After dropping hubs at the airport last weekend, I unintentionally sat in the sun without any protection (wasn’t thinking. brain dead after helping him get off to Africa) for well over an hour, as my very first sun exposure on my shoulders this season. I only got pink, covered it with coconut oil after I got home, and it’s already turned brown. Disaster avoided! Whew. Eating healthy food is feeding my skin, and the older I get, Lord knows I need all the skin help I can get (freckles, brown spots, wrinkles, veins)! So I’m excited to see what happens this summer, and I’m encouraged with yet another benefit to this healthy lifestyle (I need to update my list). I hope you’re encouraged too. Throw out the toxic stuff you used last year. It’s time to re-think your sunscreen purchases!

Encouraging Health,

Organic Eater (and Bather)

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Natural Sun Protection From the Inside Out link to Everyday Paleo

I was so fascinated by this “Everyday Paleo” post, I had to share it. Now. It’s another example of how healthy foods help us, in a way you may not have considered before.  Don’t read this to mean “never use sunscreen”, but use common sense caution. This is great info! Happy Eating! And I’ll be back soon. I have missed you!

Encouraging Health,

Organic Eater

Natural Sun Protection From the Inside Out | Everyday Paleo.

Natural Sunscreen Review (link to Kitchen Stewardship blog)

Beach 2007

KitchenStewardship has the most thorough review of natural sunscreens I’ve ever read. Reviews from a real mom who has to grease up kids, and knows what a good sun screen is worth. I’m linking this to you OE readers, so you have a resource before you buy this year’s sunscreen. Can you believe it’s almost that time?! After greasing up, go out there and soak in that  amazing Vitamin D  we’re almost all deficient in, but do it in a smart way! And for those who need very little protection (because you’re not in direct sun or you wear protective clothing, or you’re not out for long, etc.), do some research on the natural sun block protection of real coconut oil. Happy soaking.

Encouraging Health,

Organic Eater

PS: if YOU have a recommendation for a natural sunscreen, leave a comment for the rest of us!