Clean Eats = Clean Teeth (and my favorite oral products)

Surprisingly, cutting down (way down) on sugar and grains in my diet, as well as eating real & nutritious whole foods,  has made a HUGE difference in how clean my teeth and mouth feel! My teeth don’t get those little “teeth sweaters” you start to get around 6 months after your last cleaning, and I have barely ANY plaque buildup. It has been a drastic and unexpected benefit of my #lowcrapdiet lifestyle, and just one more reason I’ll never go back to eating the old way again! I LOVE my clean teeth!! Because of dental insurance changes, I have not been to my dentist for over a year, and I promise my teeth still feel like they were just cleaned. No joke. It’s crazy! Another part of this “clean feeling” is because I found the greatest toothbrush a few months ago at Expo East. We bought 2 at the expo, for hubs and son, then the company contacted me and sent me 2 more to try. Before mine arrived, I asked my 8 year old son what he thought about his new toothbrush he had been using since we got back from the Expo. I promise you this was his honest-to-God reply: “it feels like when you get your teeth cleaned at the dentist”. I was shocked, and anxious for mine to get here! And when it did, I had the exact same reaction, and so did my 14 year old daughter. We all flipped over our toothbrushes!:) Hubs liked his too, he just didn’t think it was quite as “amazing” as the other 3 did. So, 3 out of 4 for amazing is pretty good, eh?! It’s not electric, or anything fancy. I can’t explain the science behind it, but I know it works. And I appreciate the silver infused bristles, because we were already using silver for antimicrobial benefits around our house.  I am really excited to share this great find with you, and I think everyone should try it!


You can find these at and they’re only $4.99! They’re also on Amazon and in some Whole Foods and other retailers (website has locations). On that website, there are video testimonials from lots of other people who feel the same way we do about this amazing little brush!

And another favorite, is this Spry dental floss. I may do a post later, but for now just know it cleans between teeth like nothing else. I can’t explain why or how, I just know I love it!  We have also been using this toothpaste, so if anyone wants a review of this very unusual stuff, comment below and I’ll reply.

In my many hours of researching healthy and natural approaches to taking care of my family, I have come across some pretty shocking information. Did you know cavities can be reversed?! And did you know coconut oil can be used to detox your mouth? Crazy, I know, but keep an open mind and read for yourself! Here is a link to an unusual method for cleaning your teeth and detoxing your mouth, called “oil pulling”.  There is also much more information on natural oral care, and the dangers of fluoride, so go check it out. Now for that cavity thing, we are currently working on re-mineralizing my son’s tooth that has a cavity in it. So far, I can see white coming back around the brown spot, but I think it’s too soon to “call it” just yet. I am going to add oil pulling to his oral health routine and I will let you know if we get rid of the cavity. Here is a link at Wellness Mama all about healing cavities and making home-made tooth powder, if you want to know more before I post my own story. I have been amazed at all I have learned about healing teeth, and how nutrition plays a humongous role in keeping cavities away in the first place. I don’t remember a dentist (I’ve only had 2 my whole life) ever telling me how important food was in keeping my teeth healthy and nourished. Has your dentist ever told you? And has anyone tried oil pulling or any other “natural” oral health care practices? I’d love to hear what you may be doing in your family!

Here’s one more link to a (somewhat controversial) book that many are using to heal teeth naturally.

Encouraging Oral Health,

Organic Eater

How To Store Fruits and Vegetables to Keep them From Spoiling

I just found this helpful (and printable) resource, that I think can help all of you Organic Eaters! How To Store Fruits and Vegetables to Keep them From Spoiling | My Thirty Spot.


Real-Food Resource: Recipes and Ideas for Thanksgiving

The Grove Park Inn Thanksgiving 2011

I have it really good at Thanksgiving. I mean REALLY good. It may surprise some of you to know that I don’t LOVE cooking. I intentionally named the blog Organic EATER, not “Organic Cook”. I love the eating part, but the cooking part, not so much. I do it because I’ve disciplined myself to do what I know is right and best for my family, the exact same way I’ve been exercising and all of my other disciplines. This whole “real food, low sugar, low grain, #lowcrapdiet” thing is only a couple of years old in my world, and it has not caused me to miraculously start loving the cooking process unfortunately. So, having it “good” at Thanksgiving means I don’t cook, but it’s still awesome food!  My in-laws have either taken us to the beach (and a fabulous restaurant) or to The Grove Park Inn for the past several years during the week of Thanksgiving. Before those trips, they cooked the traditional turkey meal at their home and invited us over, and my mother in law is a fantastic cook!  With my husband’s job requirements now, we can’t travel during Thanksgiving week, so we are going back to the Traditional Turkey meal at their house again. I will bring a gluten-free cranberry apple dish (with oats) that is delicious and pretty easy. Oh, and I may bring the iced tea. That’s it. Oh, Happy Day!! And the best part is that my husband and I have convinced them to buy an ORGANIC turkey this year! Hooray! That was the only “missing link” for me to have spectacular Thanksgiving eating this week. BUT….

For those who do have to cook this week, I am going to list some of my favorite recipe blogs for you to check out. NO guarantees of only organic, but I will try to include only REAL FOOD links, and you make it organic if you can find the organic ingredients.  It is a holiday, so I wouldn’t fret over whether or not it’s organic if someone else is cooking for you. Let’s be polite guests, right? But I WOULD take a small portion (or none), if I knew GMO ingredients were used in the making of something I’m getting ready to eat. But that’s just my preference, and you guys need to figure that out for your own family’s situations, depending on how much stress and discomfort that may add to your holiday. If you are a parent or spouse, it’s probably best to have a discussion with your kids/spouse BEFORE you get to the holiday house. So here are my real food recipe resources for you:

Cheeseslave has a LONG list of Thanksgiving recipe links organized by food type

The Wellness Mama has an ENTIRE Real Food Thanksgiving menu, recipe for each item, and the shopping list you need to prepare all of it! This makes it super easy! I’m making the cranberry relish for left-over turkey sandwiches on Friday.

Food Renegade has a list of 11 Breakfast ideas for Thanksgiving Day, and a grain free menu for lunch/dinner. 

Whole New Mom has LOTS of contributing bloggers post recipes, specifically for allergy free needs

This Bruce Bradley post was my favorite because it not only has links to recipes, but it explains WHY you don’t want to eat those specific processed food items!  Mr. Bradley is a former corporate food marketer, so I think he knows what he’s talking about!

If you want to go “all organic at Thanksgiving” here’s a link at iVillage to show you how.

Two thoughts I leave with you: once you’re finished eating your holiday meals, and maybe one round of leftovers, get back to the good life of eating the food that really makes you feel great! Enjoy your family and your traditions, then back on track with eating and exercise. Don’t wait until January 2, 2013! Secondly, this is Thanksgiving, so let’s be thankful no matter what we eat. For some Americans, they don’t even have a table to sit at this year because it was washed away in a storm or blown away in a tornado. Many have been without jobs for months or years and are thankful for the kindness of someone’s generosity towards them, even if it is “processed” food. Many are eating in a shelter and thankful just to have anything to eat on Thursday. If we’re able to read a blog and make some choices about what and how we eat this Thanksgiving, let’s be EXTRA grateful for that!! 

Encouraging Health, and praying you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Organic Eater

Psalm 100:4 Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise! Give thanks to Him; bless His name!

Tell me what you’ll be doing this week, and what choices/compromises you may have to make to “keep the peace” in your families. Or if you’re going all “real food” or “all organic” this year, I’d love to know that too! Also, if you have a great recipe or link you wanna share in these last couple days of shopping for food, share it with us!!!

Betcha Never Done THIS with Your ‘Bucha!

Good things come in small packages!

I cannot believe I’m putting this face on the internet for you readers. Please do not Pin this, for heaven’s sake. That’s what the picture of the KB jar is for!

Do not be afraid! This is only a kombucha blog post! I have not turned into a zombie from Walking Dead!

For those who may have been living in Woodbury lately (that’s a WD reference for those who are fans of the hit TV show, and it implies living isolated from the rest of the world!), let me first introduce you to what kombucha is, before I tell you something you can do with it (besides drink its heavenly goodness!). Kombucha (endearingly referred to as ‘buch by some) is fermented tea. It’s been around “forever”, often seen in traditional cultures the way many fermented foods are. It has skyrocketed in popularity in modern times because of its health benefits (probiotics & lots of other goodies are in fermented foods supposedly, but I’m no fermentation expert) and because it tastes great (of which I AM an expert)! There are a zillion different brands, each one different, and many more home brews. So you can’t (seriously, don’t!) try one kombucha and say, “I don’t like kombucha”, based on the tasting of one. That’s dumb. That would be like trying one eel roll, and saying “I don’t like sushi”. There are only about one million other kinds of sushi you would need to try before you could say you didn’t like it (and who in their right mind would ever say that anyway?!). Yeah, that’s exactly what it’s like, so don’t do that! Try many before you make a decision, and one you should try is KB, Kombucha Brooklyn. I love them for using organic teas, and for also supporting the home-brewers out there, of whom I hope to be a part someday! KB even has a home-brewing kit for those who may be interested in starting their own, and want it to be as simple as possible to start! That definitely looks like the easiest way to get started with doing this at home. But, back to the zombie face…

KB sent me a Kombucha Beauty Clay, after our meeting at Expo East in Baltimore, MD. I can’t believe I’m going to share these pictures with you guys, but here goes. You add Kombucha to a little bit of this KB bentonite clay to create a mask!!! It furthered my belief that anything that goes ON, should be able to go IN, because it’s all going IN you either way! It was amazing! I loved it, and I have to forego my vanity and share the experience in all of its “beauty” with you guys! The label calls for 2 TBS of clay, but unless you have a ginormous face, I think 1 TBS should do just fine. Mix it together and rub it on your face, and leave it until it dries, if you can take it that long. It can get intense when you feel it sucking the yuck outta your face. For real. I was surprised at how awesome it felt! Then I washed it off with warm water. I’m going to show you the picture of my “red skin” after the mask was washed off, because I want to warn those who may have particularly sensitive skin. This is a wonderful process, but it’s not for lightweights. It’s some serious beauty regime. I LOVED it, but I wanted to warn those who may have super sensitive skin. I would also recommend NOT using the kombucha with the chia seeds in it as your elixir for this beauty mask! (don’t ask)

It starts out pretty light. It gets darker in color and tighter in skin sucking tightness, the longer you let it dry.

Oh, the things I do for a good post!

I could barely move my face at this point, and it was only about half dry.

See, pretty red, but it didn’t last for long.

So, now you have something brand new to do with all that lovely kombucha you’re making and buying across America these days! If you haven’t tried it yet, go get some! I’m going to add links below so you can read lots more about the health benefits of kombucha. And if you order the mask and try it, please let me know!

What other unusual things have you used kombucha for??? Anyone want to admit to being a WD fan? It has a great story line, really!!

Encouraging Health,

Organic Eater


“How to turn any Recipe into a Real Food recipe” from Homemade Mommy

This post from was SO helpful, I just had to share it with you real-food-fans here at OE! I would also add “organic” to all applicable items on the list, if your budget can swing it!:) There is also a chart near the end, that’s perfect for printing and referring to later. Enjoy!

How to turn any Recipe into a Real Food recipe | Homemade Mommy.


Encouraging Health,

Organic Eater