Almond Protein Bars

I make these almond protein bars  from Good Food Lin almost every week! It’s an easy recipe to use up extra nuts and seeds you may have, because you can “throw in” most anything!:) You can adjust the chocolate topping to your desired sweetness or health level, or skip it completely.

Here are my tips for you on this: I use a 9×13 pan instead, so they are thinner, and I get a more equal chocolate-topping-to-protein bar ratio. 😀

I do not use a double boiler. I just re-use the same pot that melted the coconut oil, and make the chocolate sauce in that. I’m adding coconut oil to my sauce anyway!

It is so super easy to make substitutions in this!!! Mine turn out a little different every time because I use whatever is in the pantry. Last time I subbed half a cup of sunflower seeds for some of the almonds (they’re cheaper that way!) and they were great. Im gonna try a full cup of sunflower seeds next time.

Please note Lin’s advice on your protein powders! Buy the least processed brand you can find, and never buy soy protein unless you know it’s not GMO soy. Even then, you don’t want to consume soy if you have a history of thyroid problems. I will try to attach a link for that next…

These also make a fantastic topping for fruit or ice cream,  if you crumble it up!  Enjoy!

Encouraging Health,

Organic Eater